Installation note : When installed in a 64bits host MaRTE OS insta (...)


New release of MaRTE OS : Adaptated to GNAT-GPL-2016 (64bits host (...)


New tool for MaRTE OS : emulator for the AFDX real-time network . (...)
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Installation note :


New release of MaRTE OS :


New tool for MaRTE OS :


New release of MaRTE OS :


New release of MaRTE OS :


Games for MaRTE OS at On-Going Work:


New release of MaRTE OS :


We are working in a Power Management interface to allow to change the processor's frequency that will be released soon.
The following project has been added to the finished projects section


New release of MaRTE OS with some fixes (see Changelog file), some of them thanks to our user's feedback (thanks to Francisco Feijoo and others). Also:


MaRTE OS was presented at FOSDEM 2009! Thanks to everybody for coming and we hope that you enjoyed the presentation. Thanks also to Ada Belgium for organizing the Ada developer room. Regarding to MaRTE OS two projects have reached the status of finished (FRESCAN, PolyORB and CPU contracts) and the On-Going section has been updated. A new release of MaRTE OS is expected for the end of this month.


New release of MaRTE OS with some C++ fixes. Thales MyCCM framework, which implements the OMG Component Model CCM, has been ported to MaRTE OS x86 bare PC successfully thanks to this C++ support. There is also available, in experimental phase, a MaRTE OS tracer (called marte-spy) that will allow the user to see the internal events (task operations, mutex operations, etc) in a visual way.


New release of MaRTE OS with some fixes (see Changelog file), some of them thanks to our user's feedback (thanks to all!). Also: More finished projects' material will be added soon.


MaRTE OS will be at FOSDEM, the free and open source developer's european meeting. Miguel Telleria and Daniel Sangorrin will give a talk about MaRTE OS and related technologies (including FRESCOR).


An RSS feed for the MaRTE OS News has been added. Now you can keep updated of MaRTE OS changes, releases and new stuff through your favourite feed reader.


The following projects information has been updated (both of them include demonstrator videos! :D):


MaRTE OS v1.9 has been released with several important changes. Please take a look at them in the Changelog file.


Added support for timed handlers based on group clocks. The mouse driver and widgets (buttons, mouse pointer, panels, etc..) from Angel's project has been integrated in the main distribution. See Changelog.


Added information on the authors and contributors to MaRTE OS (please, inform of missing information to Mario Aldea or Daniel Sangorrin).


PolyOrb and RT-Glade on MaRTE OS: added patches and documentation to the projects section.


Added a Tetris application to the new release and corrected some bugs in IDE and FAT Changelog


Added IDE disks (compact flash) logging support to the logger misc utility. Also a bug was corrected in the IDE driver (which still requires further testing).


Added two tutorials: one to explain the miscellaneous utilities included in MaRTE OS and the second one to show how to create an academic LiveCD based on KNOPPIX that includes a MaRTE OS environment. By Daniel Sangorrin.


New MaRTE OS version with drivers for CAN bus. See the Changelog


New MaRTE OS version with support for GNAT-GPL-2007, new drivers, etc. See the Changelog


MaRTE OS now includes a bunch of new drivers, developed by Daniel Sangorrin. Test programs are also provided in each driver's directory.


Updated the Hello MaRTE OS using an Emulator tutorial to show how to create Disk Image file that can be used in QEMU to test MaRTE OS x86 bare machine applications.


Daniel Sangorrin and Angel Muñoz Cantera have won the Ada Spain Prize to the best academical projects using Ada!!. You can see their projects in the Finished projects section.


Created a MaRTE OS User's Forum. Updated Hello-World Tutorial to latest MaRTE OS version.


New release of MaRTE OS kernel (v 1.6) with a lot of new features. A new version of RT-EP, a FAT filesystem, a CompactFlash driver...


A new simple and clean design for MaRTE OS Website! The website was growing too much so we decided to split it in several sections.


The degree project "Graphical Interface Library for Embedded Control Systems" has been finished and included in the Projects section. A panel library has been developed. It provides buttons, lights, ...

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