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New release of MaRTE OS : Adaptated to GNAT-GPL-2016 (64bits host (...)


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Welcome to the MaRTE OS Website

MaRTE OS is a Hard Real-Time Operating System for embedded applications that follows the Minimal Real-Time POSIX.13 subset. It provides an easy to use and controlled environment to develope Multi-Thread Real-Time applications. Main characteristics of MaRTE OS kernel:

Don't hesitate to ask any question about MaRTE OS through the FORUM or directly to Mario Aldea Rivas.

Getting started

The normal development environment for MaRTE OS is a computer with a GNU/Linux operating system installed (i.e: Ubuntu). It can also work in FreeBSD if you install the Linux adaptation layer. For other operating system users you can install Linux in another partition or use a virtual machine software to emulate Linux.

Once you have a Linux environment, install the typical development utilities: binutils, make, perl, etc. For example, if you have an Ubuntu distribution execute: $sudo apt-get install build-essential

MaRTE OS acts as a runtime for Ada applications and therefore it depends on the Ada compiler. In order to install MaRTE OS you need an AdaCore GNU compiler (don't use your distribution's Ada compiler, it will not work). Download it at http://libre.adacore.com

Then, download and uncompress MaRTE OS and install it with the provided scripts following the instructions of the INSTALL file. You can compile MaRTE OS to be run as a normal Linux process (without Real-Time guarantees, but useful for fast developing, debugging and teaching) or as binary for an x86 bare machine. This step will compile the kernel of MaRTE OS as a library that offers the POSIX.13 services.

Finally, write your multi-thread application in Ada, C or C++ (check-out the given examples) and use the provided scripts (mgnatmake or mgcc) to compile and link it against the kernel. You will get an executable that can be run on the architecture you chose when you installed MaRTE OS (i.e: as a Linux program or as a Multiboot loadable x86 binary)

Look for more advanced documentation >>

Users contributions

MaRTE OS has been developed in the Group of Computers and Real-Time of the University of Cantabria and there are also many contributors from different places. Check out the list of authors and contributors. This is a list of some users contributions, drivers, communication protocols and features that have been used with MaRTE OS during the last years.

Communication protocols and middlewares:


Other utilities:

For more information of any of the mentioned contributions or other projects check the finished projects section