New release of MaRTE OS : Adapted to GNAT-GPL-2014 (...)


New release of MaRTE OS : Adapted to GNAT-GPL-2010 Fixed (...)


Games for MaRTE OS at On-Going Work: Game EtherChess Game (...)
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On-Going Work

Games for MaRTE OS (read more...)

Some example games you can run on MaRTE OS, including gameplay videos, screenshots, source code and/or binaries.

Available games: Ray Caster Adventures, Etherchess, MaRTEnoid, MaRTrix, Game of Life, Image tools

Contact: Álvaro García Cuesta.

MaRTE OS Spy (University of Cantabria)

We are creating a spy application to trace the activities that are happening inside MaRTE OS kernel and visualize them in a host computer.

Contact: Mario Aldea Rivas.

Porting FRESCOR Distributed Transaction Manager to a distribution standard model (University of Cantabria)

DTM is a distributed application that allows the user to negotiate every contract (i.e a resource reservation) within a distributed transaction but with scheduling information provided by remote entities involved in the transaction. Nowadays DTM directly uses the network for communication purposes (message passing paradigm). Porting it to a distribution standard model (like RT-CORBA or DSA) over a distribution middleware (PolyORB) will manage communication issues in a transparent way and will take advantage of interoperability issues.

Contact: Hector Perez Tijero.

SPI driver (University of Cantabria)

Driver for the Serial Peripheral Interface Bus or SPI

Contact: Mónica Puig-Pey González.

Implementation of the new Ada 2005 features on MaRTE OS (University of Cantabria and AdaCore)

We are adding support for the latest services required in the new standard for the Ada language.

Contact: Mario Aldea Rivas.

FRESLAX (University of Cantabria and FRESCOR)

Live-USB-CD for the dissemination of the FRESCOR framework. This work has been funded by the European FRESCOR project

Contact: Daniel Sangorrin.

CASEVA II (University of Cantabria and ENSA)

A new colaboration with ENSA for the development of a robotics system for nuclear equipment. The robot is intented for automated control of especial weldings with artificial vision on the heads of nuclear vessels

Contact: Sergio Martin Calvo.

Support for Real-Time Java RTSJ applications on MaRTE OS (University of York)

Jrate is an extension to the GNU GCJ java compiler and its execution-time library libgcj that adds much of the functionality defined in the Real-Time Specification for Java. York is doing a port to MaRTE OS on the Linux architecture and hopefully on bare x86 machines as well.

Contact: Mario Aldea Rivas.