New release of MaRTE OS : Adapted to GNAT-GPL-2014 (...)


New release of MaRTE OS : Adapted to GNAT-GPL-2010 Fixed (...)


Games for MaRTE OS at On-Going Work: Game EtherChess Game (...)
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MaRTE OS distribution

MAST: Modeling and Analysis Suite for Real-Time Applications

MAST is an open source set of tools that enables modeling real-time applications and performing timing analysis of those applications. The MAST model can be used in a UML design environment to design real-time applications, representing all the real-time behavior and requirements together with the design information, and allowing an automatic schedulability analysis.

AFDX Emulator for training, educational or research purposes

AFDX (Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet) is a standard communication network for avionics based on Ethernet links and special-purpose switches. This software provides an AFDX emulator based on standard Ethernet hardware (cards and switches) which aims at building a low cost AFDX network for training or basic research purposes. It is also possible to integrate the emulator within an ARINC-653 platform.

Download the source code afdx_example.zip and the user's guide afdx_emulator_user_guide.pdf.


This suite provides a complete distributed real time environment, including not only processing nodes but also network resources as part of a RT system. Taking advantage of PolyORB modularity, this middleware has been extended in order to support the following facilities:

Such facilities can be configured to be used with both DSA and CORBA distribution standards provided with PolyORB.

Download the following related files: polyorb-rt_extended_v2009_dsa_frescor.zip (16.5MB)

x86 Emulation

MaRTE OS x86 architecture can be tested with the QEMU emulator. Check the tutorial Hello MaRTE OS using an emulator.

If you prefer to use the BOCHS emulator download bochs_marte.tgz (not tested with new versions).